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About Roses & China

roses and chinaI am Susanne Loweth and I run Roses & China. In 2005 I left the world of scientific research to move to North Yorkshire, get married and start a family. I had been an avid collector of pretty old things for many years – especially fine old English china cups. When I read an article in a magazine in 2008 about a lady who rented out vintage china for weddings, I recognized the opportunity for combining my love of old china and experience of organizing parties into a new career. The idea for Roses & China had been born!

Since then I have been scouring antiques shops, auction rooms, online auctions, jumble sales and my Danish grandmother’s linen chest for lovely items to add to my stock of rental china and decorative items.

Click on the links above to browse through the fabulous collections of china, cutlery, glassware and other gorgeous decorations that you can hire for your special event.

I pride myself in offering the genuine article wherever possible. Apart from a very few exceptions, what you see on these pages are not modern reproductions but original vintage (and in some cases antique) items. I believe you can’t beat quality and items that have survived for decades and yet still look beautiful, bring with them a sense of history that cannot be reproduced.

roses and china