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Beamsley, Summer 2014

Dear Friends,

Summer is the season I look forward to the most in the cold and wet and windy months (of which there are many in North Yorkshire). However, in contrast to the hazy, lazy, crazy days I imagine, with strolling down country lanes, relaxing by a babbling brook and taking tea on the lawn under a flowering tree, the reality is more crazy than lazy. I have a crazy amount of work that I want to achieve in the summer months.

It is sometimes hard to decide which of the many tasks rank most highly in terms of importance and urgency (two very different things!).

When it is wet outside, I wish for a dry day to get in the garden, but when it is dry, I am overwhelmed by the choice of tasks that all need doing: the sowing of annual flowers, planting out, tying up, watering and not least weeding. This is before I can even think of cutting flowers and making bouquets, button holes and centrepieces.

Summer is also the peak season for weddings and garden parties, which is where it all comes together: the bouquets, the china, the silver cutlery, the vintage glasses and the linen napkins. Thankfully I enjoy almost all aspects of what I do, though I sometimes feel that the ratio of weeding to weddings is too high! I am seriously considering emplying a Saturday boy or girl to do some of the more repetitive chores, which would leave me free to conentrate on the more creative side of things. For the moment, though, it’s me back to the garden to keep on top of those pesky weeds!

Bye for now and I hope you are able to enjoy your hazy lazy summer days!

Susanne xxx

roses and china roses and china roses and china

Summer is the season for the lovely scented lavender - here used in button holes and to decorate napkins .


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