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The Cutlery

Have you given some thought to the total effect of you dining table? Your guests will probably be spending a couple of hours sitting down and eating the lovely food you have chosen for them. Don't spoil it for them by giving them flimsy knives and forks. Instead, add a touch of luxury by choosing beautiful vintage cutlery. You can choose from a number of styles to suit your taste, ranging from plain to the more opulent. After all, it is the attention to detail that makes your event a success!

Forks and spoons:

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Old English

All of our forks and spoons are in good quality silver plate. Most of them are in the classical “Old English” pattern: simple, elegant, goes with almost any style of knife and appropriate for any function.



Which knife to match with the forks and spoons is a matter of taste. They all have stainless steel blades, but the style of the handles differ: Do you prefer -

roses and china
roses and china
roses and china
roses and china





Traditional knives with cream coloured bone or ivorine handles, the smooth, elegant silver plated handles. the banded handles with fine decorative detailing. 

Simple and elegant with smooth, silver plated handles.

Elegant with fine decorative detailing on the silver plated handles and stainless steel blades.

The most opulent and festive range with elaborate decorative patterns on the handles.


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